Graham Middle School

Middle School Addition & Modernization

The Graham Middle School Modernization Project is an extensive, $30 million upgrade of a 800 student campus towards the needs of the 21st century. Phase 1 modernized all the existing classrooms with central large-screen monitors and audio systems wireless accessible by teachers and students. Classroom walls are covered in magnetic whiteboard surfaces allowing any wall to be a teaching and collaboration space. Flexible rolling furniture provides a variety of teaching/learning groupings and 16 foot wide folding glass walls offer extension to the outdoors in key classrooms.

The second phase of work will include a new two-story classroom building with six classrooms that share a collaboration space through folding glass walls, a flexible library/student lounge space with a covered patio, and renovation of a former lunch shelter into a hi-tech multipurpose room. 

The third phase will complete the campus with a new 400 seat auditorium augmenting the renovated music building, as well as new outdoor arts and academic courtyards, reconfiguration of parking and circulation systems, and improvement of the school’s street frontage.