William C. Overfelt High School

New Music, Art, and Administration Building; and Quad Modernization

The programs of the new Music, Art, and Administration; and Quad (MAAQ) facility bring people together to celebrate the arts, entertainment, and student/ family support services. The FLINT + JKAE + ARTIK team proposed a process of IMAGINE +DESIGN + BUILD that would facilitate a collaborative, engaging, and fun process to deliver an innovative project the school and community can utilize and enjoy.

We reviewed the program spaces for the Administrative, Performing Arts, Teaching, and Support space functions and either validated and/or recommended changes that support their intended use. This program space optimization created the framework for our team’s strategy to maximize functionality and flexibility within a single new facility. In addition to this approach, the design team proposed adjacencies between respective program uses that foster short and long-term educational and community flexibility.

Photography by Chip Allen