Montague Expressway POC at BART

City of Milpitas

The Montague Expressway Pedestrian Overcrossing at BART is an exciting collaboration between the City of Milpitas, Artik, and Biggs Cardosa. Residents of Milpitas, CA now have access to the new Montague Expressway Pedestrian Overcrossing as part of VTA's work on the BART expansion to San Jose.

Working closely with the City of Milpitas and Biggs Cardosa, Artik’s designers focused their imagination and creativity on the public art.  Their collaboration produced the unique 186 “fins” that adorn the new bridge with fin points following the ridgeline of the Mission Peak area of the Diablo Range seen from the City of Milpitas. The “fins” come in 21 different colors of the rainbow, blending seamlessly with the surrounding neighborhood. The 21 colors are assigned by a unique system that identifies intersections when the ridgeline crosses a specific elevation. The color change varies within each hue and denotes musical harmony and melody.

Photography by James Dewrance