Andrew Hill's Dream

Andrew Hill High School
San Jose, CA

• Bill Gould, Jessica Eastburn & Bailey Spence
• Completed in 2017

• Medium: Laser-cut Steel & Steel Cable

To accommodate outdoor events a central stage was created with a 32 ft. high cut-steel stage backdrop. The steel panels were created by superimposing a high-resolution image of redwood trees onto steel. Local artist, Jessica Eastburn, interpreted the redwood tree image and translated it into positive and negative space in order to create the line work. The linework was then cut-out of steel allowing light to come through creating intricate shadows. The final 22 panels were mounted within a structural frame, creating the overall composition of soaring redwoods. Steel cable was woven and suspended from the steel backdrop structure and hanging LED lights were strung from the cable to add ambiance and lighting for events. Flanking the stage are 2 sets of 5 cut-steel panel privacy barriers that create gathering spaces for outdoor learning and small group activities. These spaces were designed to function as an extension of the surrounding classrooms.