Trace Elementary School

Additions & Modernization

The new two-story classroom building is designed as two asymmetrical wings connected by a curved joint at the corner which houses the main entry, administration, teacher’s lounge and workroom. This corner element addresses the public entry with a two-story atrium accented by a blown-glass “rose” sculpture set in a round clerestory window and a series of custom “rose medallion” light fixtures. The “rose” refers to the neighborhood and is paired with a second blown-glass sculpture hanging in the two-story space. The exterior expression of the building as a “bed of flowers” is heightened by the use of multi-colored tile wainscot, window accents and rounded shade elements.
The classrooms are single-loaded and open to the inner courtyard in a two-story walkway system which is accented by a decorative railing created using waterjet-cut metal panels with wire “flowers” and a steel cable “sunrise” motif. The inner corner of the building includes a triangular overhang strung with a steel cable weave. Artik also updated the existing Theater/Multi-Use Building with an addition that included raised indoor & outdoor stage areas, theatrical production systems, light grids and a production sound system.