Blowin' in the Wind

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
San Jose, CA

  • Bill Gould
  • Completed in 2016
  • Fabrication & Installation by Bill Gould, Bailey Spence, W.L. Butler Construction & Scape Martinez
  • Medium: Steel Cable, Recycled Metal Mini-Blinds, Galvanized Chain, Paperclips, Spray Paint

“Blowin’ in the Wind” was a temporary steel cable weave installation at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds for Anne & Mark’s Art Party in 2016. The steel cable is woven and anchored based on the Fibonacci sequence. The installation was installed at the iconic fairground arch creating a grand main entry for the event. Strands of cut metal mini-blinds were strung together based on the Fibonacci sequence, spray painted and hung from the steel cable intersections. The sound of the mini-blinds blowing in the wind mimicked the sound of leaves rustling in the trees.